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Our DJs

Daniel "Malcriado"
Raul "Loup Rouge"
Rooshi "Rockwala"

"Curator of infectious grooves to stimulate your senses"

That’s how Loup describes himself as a DJ. Always looking for that rare gem to present to his crowd. Having grown up surrounded by the eclectic sounds of New York, from funk to electronica to Hip-Hop… all which became infused with his own love for latin and world music, Loup ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. This translates into his sets where he infuses all the pieces of music to create fresh vibrations : Funky leads, ethereal ambiance, heavy basslines, and unforgettable hooks … all on top of a provoking beat.

As a Salvadoran, Loup keeps active in the music scene back in El Salvador . Though he has a passion for being behind the decks playing in nightclubs, on stage and special events, his love for music goes beyond the ones and twos. As a producer, guitarist, and engineer, he has found plenty of outlets to express himself.

"It’s all about transmitting good vibes with a hypnotic groove… being able to control the crowd without them realizing it, regardless of the genre, tempo or style. Just be timeless"

Rooshi “Rockwala” was entrenched in music at an early age. In his middle school days he found himself hanging out with many breakdancers. Shortly after, he completely immersed himself into the culture. His passion for Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop stemmed from his days as a bboy. His growing interest in world music is evident now as he spins a mix of Bollywood, Latin, and Soca with a Funk twist. You can catch him around the New York City area at bars and lounges such as Botanic Lab, Trophy Bar, Spur Tree, The New Yorker Hotel among others.

Daniel "Malcriado" has been involved with music since his early years, just as every acne filled teen picked up an instrument and joined a band. From that rocky start to today, plenty of music maturation has been done. He is well versed in World, Funk, and other eclectic styles that will keep your feet moving after the longest of weeks. To keep up with him you can find him playing live at clubs and lounges in Manhattan and Brooklyn like Botanic Lab, Studio 151, Camaradas Bar, Pianos, and as well as selected events and weddings.